Almost every person has been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic in some or the other way. In times like these, we can’t afford to go out and socialize. Being locked in the house is having a deep impact on people’s mental health.

Kids can’t go to school or play, parents are managing work and home within the walls of the house, caring for sick and elders etc. All these restrictions are leading to stress, depression and other mental health issues.

One of the most important factors to be able to survive in today’s world is Resilience, a mechanism to cope with stress and sorrow. It is very important to understand how to cope with situations like these and keep our minds and body healthy.

We, at WWW, care for our community. We have curated a “Re-energise, Rejuvenate and Recreate Week” for all our members.

Every month we will have a week focusing on different activities and aspects related to physical and mental health. In the process, we’ll learn something new and try to bring a smile on our faces. The objective is to be able to enjoy and appreciate the joy of small things in life with big impact.

We hope to see you there with us!

21st June

Yoga comprises physical, mental as well as spiritual exercises that have the capacity to significantly improve our overall well-being.

This Yoga Day (21st June), join WWW as we kick start our Re-energise, Rejuvenate and Recreate Week with a session by Ayli Ghiya, Fit India Ambassador 2021.

22nd June

Our mind, body and soul are closely connected. While a lot of us pay attention to our physical health, we often ignore our mental and spiritual health. Join us on 22nd June as we discuss about the role of mental and spiritual well-being in overall happiness.


Rachna Yadav, Executive Coach

Rituu Bhatia, Spiritual Healer

29th June

Everyone has been at home for quite some time now. With work from home and online lectures comes a sedentary lifestyle. It is time to give your body a break and focus on fitness. Join us on 23rd June for a fun fitness session.


Shobha Behal (Zumba)

Isha Gupta (Pilates)

6th July

Nobody is ever too young or too old for fun and creativity. Take a break from your work/studies, bring your whole family together and join us for a session filled with activities and games on 24th June.


Varsha Savla (Creativity through Vegetable Printing Activity)

Priyanka (Games and Stories)

13th June

Music helps us deal with every kind of emotion and mood. While we always listen to music on our phones, let us take time out for some live singing. Lift up your spirit with music by joining us on 25th June for a live singing session.


Aditi, Professional Singer and Lead Vocalist of Seven and ½ Band

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