WWW is a social enterprise aimed at Connecting, Nurturing and Empowering women through a series of campaigns, collaborations, network development and other opportunities. This community of women entrepreneurs and start-ups believes in the power of SISTERHOOD. The community is mainly present on social media and the networking, promotional and selling activities are carried out through online and offline events.

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What are the charges for getting registered in WWW Marketplace

  • For Buyers and customers the registration is free of cost.
  • For vendors/entrepreneur/service provider its INR 2400 Per annum.
  • For NGOs wanting to create their store its INR 1200 Per annum.

Who should register as a Vendor?


Who should register as a member?

Connect with like-minded people, Have Healthy Conversations by creating your FORUM, Connecting with home-entrepreneurs

I am a small business women, what type of user I should register as?

Register as VENDOR to NETWORK & SELL products

I have a small business but I do not want to display my product, my interest is only networking. What kind of a user I should register as?

You should register as vendor only, but do not create any shop or store for yourself.

Do I receive any notice once my registration is confirmed?

Yes you will receive email notification regarding your account activation.

I am into services, how does this portal help me?

This platform enables you to create your own groups, sharing knowledge, interacting directly with individuals. You can also create your store and sell your various packages as products.

For more information, please reach out at simmi@womenwhowwin.in

Can I directly talk to the customer?

Yes if your customer is registered on the portal, they can reach out to you directly.

The nature and cost of my services are not fixed, they are dynamic. How does the marketplace help me sell them?

This portal is to enable women entrepreneur, if you want more information related to how you can use this portal please feel free to reach out at simmi@womenwhowwin.in

Can I connect with other entrepreneurs as well?


Can I start my own group within the portal?


Is this Marketplace only for women entrepreneurs?

Yes it is a marketplace by Women only, however the products and services are available for all.

What is the commission charged by WWW if my product is sold through the marketplace?

The charges will be 6.5% + 3% on the transaction cost.

Who is responsible for shipping/delivering the products?

It is completely up to seller, she is free to choose any shipping and logistic company for shipping.