Simmi Bhasin is a popular Figure in the networking world of Women entrepreneurs. Women Who Win was her brainchild that took shape in Powai; let’s see what Simmi has to say about her venture and the role Powai has played in shaping it.

Powai Info – Please tell us about your family and yourself.

Simmi: I’m a working professional and the Founder of Women Who Win. Mother of 2 kids. My daughter is a lawyer and my son is studying in Singapore, pursuing his dream to be a film-maker. My husband is the Finance Head of a Multinational Bank.

PI- Your journey as a Business woman began from Powai , please tell us how Powai has shaped your success?

Simmi: I have 23 years of working experience with companies like Taj Group of Hotels, Standard Chartered, Strata UK, later for 8 years I worked as a Freelance HR Consultant. My journey as a business woman started from Powai, when I moved from Delhi in the year 2011. Having born and brought up in Delhi, initially it was difficult and challenging to settle in a new city. I was struggling to adjust here with complete strangers, but my experience from there has been life changing. My journey and success started from POWAI. If it was not for Powai and its people, I would not be where I am now. 

Simmi Bhasin Founder Women Who Win
Simmi Bhasin – Founder – Women Who Win

Women Who Win(WWW) was launched in Powai in the year 2014 on International Women’s Day at Hotel Beatle in Hiranandani Gardens.

On the first meeting itself, we had 24 enterprising women of Powai attending the event, we even received overwhelming appreciation and response online on social media from the women of Powai. WWW started with a bang and kept growing with the love and support of these women. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all these women who encouraged and supported me in my endeavors. I would like to extend a special thank to a few Powai women without whom my journey would have been incomplete: Manisha Malhi (Founder Member), Priyanka Pawar, Jyoti Rajput, Chaitna Jain, Aruna Agarwal(Kidzee), Rolly Sapru, Rashmi Chand & Late Suman Basu, the list can go on.

It has been an amazing journey and experience where I connected with like minded women who were ready to offer their time and commitment to help me grow the community for the benefit of other women.

PI: What made you and your family choose Powai over any other place in Mumbai?

Simmi: Powai gives a positive, open and clean feel. The whole township is  self contained and well connected with Eastern and Western Freeways. It is quality life with the best of eateries, schools and buzzing events and activities.  I cannot imagine moving anywhere else outside of Powai.

PI: How conducive you think is Powai for Powai Business women who are just starting off their ventures?

Simmi: WWW is present now all over Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. But Powai is the most responsive crowd for business, specially for a START-UP. There are many women start-ups that have emerged from Powai. I know some interesting success stories.

PI: How do you think WWW has helped privileged and not so privileged women create a niche for themselves?

Simmi: Women Who Win believes in the Vision of  ‘Connect, Nurture and Empower Women Entrepreneurs’. In the last 4 years we have been able to launch Start-ups and home entrepreneurs, nurture them and create and build their success stories. For the Privileged ones, we create identities and for not so privileged, we create opportunities and resources for them to Work From Home, grow and make them financially independent.

Women Who Win

PI: A business venture requires finance, manpower, Right skill set and other resources; how does WWW help women entrepreneurs in facilitating these?

Simmi:  Women Who Win (WWW) is a networking platform for women to network with other like minded women and showcase their business and talent, thereby mutually benefiting from one another with a message of SISTERHOOD. WWW holds online and offline events which help them gain visibility, confidence, experience and necessary business connects and the push to move forward and be a successful entrepreneur. WWW is also a strong and growing community on facebook.

PI- What is your message for Powai Business women who want be successful entrepreneurs? 

Simmi:  Ladies…You are at the right place. Start your journey as an entrepreneur with passion and commitment. There will be ups and downs but JUST DO NOT GIVE UP. Work with passion, honesty and integrity and there will be no looking back and no stopping you.

Ladies of Women Who Win
Women Who Win

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