Consumers are becoming aware of how their clothes are made and how it impacts our environment. It’s time that we become aware of our jewelry. Precious metals and stones like gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones cost a lot for the buyers, but the price Nature has to pay is beyond measure. Water pollution, greenhouse gas emission, and soil erosion result from mining.

Dr. Doug Guthrie, dean of International Business and Management at the George Washington University School of Business, and a team of researchers compiled a report in 2010, titled “The Environmental Impact of Mining Precious Metals and Gemstones: The Case for Putting Jewelry Back Into Circulation.”

The report shows that toxic metals like Cyanide and arsenic are used to separate precious metal from ore. The waste contaminates water, soil and the air around mines.

Though the danger to our environment is undeniable, there is hope for us. Many organizations are relentlessly working to spread best practices for the environment in the industry.

We consumers can do our bit by supporting such organizations and by buying eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable jewelry. Well, we might ask what does that mean? And how do I ensure that the jewelery that I buy is all that? The simple answer is to buy jewelry made from recycled gold and silver. Yes, that’s the good news! Many companies are manufacturing jeweley from recycled precious metals. Thus, reducing the harmful effects of jewelry production on environment.

The lovers of jewelry can be guilt free. You can look good and feel good too!

Sources- Huffingtonpost