As a responsible global citizen what can we do to save our world? Does it sound a difficult question with no answer? Are you thinking what can ‘I’ do to save the planet? The answer is very simple, change the way you eat! Go vegan! Yes, it might sound beyond belief, but it is a fact that veganism can save out mother Earth.  One might ask how eating animal products cause threat to our environment? It’s time to look into some facts. Viva!, an animal charity welfare published a report

ENVIROCIDAL – How Livestock Farming is Killing the Planet

According to this report livestock farming is causing Global warming.  Livestock farming emits greenhouse gases through enteric fermentation (cows burping and farting methane), gases (methane) from animal manure, deforestation for grazing land, energy used in growing animal feed, processing and transporting animal feed and meat and nitrous oxide releases from nitrogenous fertilizers all contribute.

Some experts warn that the current trend could lead to 4-5 degree Celsius increase in the temperature globally. This could lead to polar ice melting, rising sea levels, flooding, drought, water shortages, loss of biodiversity, mass extinctions, hurricanes, tornadoes, starvation, infectious disease outbreaks, conflict and warfare. 

We can reduce the risk by turning vegan. There are numerous benefits of veganism; it will make you healthier, it purifies air, reduces energy consumption, conserves water, cleans the soil, to name a few.

Being vegan is not that hard as one might think. You will reap health benefits and be guilt free that you have done your bit to save the world.