About WWW Founder

Simmi Bhasin

Simmi Bhasin

Simmi Bhasin – Founder, Women Who Win(WWW), an HR professional with 23 years of corporate experience across various industries like The Taj Group of Hotel, Standard Chartered Bank, Strata Sports and Marketing UK and a mother of two kids.   Born & brought up in Delhi, Simmi had built a great business network and support system in the city. In 2009, her husband, who is a finance professional, moved to Mumbai for an exciting employment opportunity. Simmi now had two fronts to manage – both in Delhi & Mumbai. In 2011, Simmi decided to end the dual life and move to Mumbai in the interest of the family. This meant personal sacrifices of giving up clients and a prolific HR practice she had built over the years. A very tough decision to leave friends, family, a stable business and move to a new city and start afresh.

She did Entrepreneurship program from ISB, Hyderabad and is one of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneurs alumni.

Simmi launched her thought child “WOMEN WHO WIN” with a simple vision “We Connect, Nurture to Empower Women Entrepreneurs”

WWW started with 24 members – which was an encouraging start.  Simmi built on this foundation by single-handedly conducting monthly networking meets, for almost one year.  Slowly the environment started working to help her and women started getting associated to it and offering their services voluntarily.  And before anyone took notice, there were more women supporting her in this journey.

Now this was great, as these women wanted to support this great cause, but it came with its challenges. Every woman comes from a different background, mindset, needs and agendas. But taking things in her stride, Simmi carried on, hoping and knowing that the group will strengthen and align better.

Today WWW has 11,000 plus women entrepreneurs and professionals as members.

Within a year of this Simmi was given a Women Achiever’s Award in 2015 by Young Environmentalist Organisation. They honoured her saying being a non-Mumbaikar and not knowing a soul here she was able to connect so many women under one platform.  This gave her the motivation and determination to continue helping women and connecting them.


In the year 2017, Simmi was honoured by B-You-Tiful Magazine as a Women Achiever of 2017 contributing to Social Cause.

In the year 2018, Simmi was invited by US Consulate to present her organisation and they pledged to support her vision and passion.

Now Simmi was roaring to go and was on the lookout for more likeminded women.  Her actions started to yield results and today Simmi has built a network of women entrepreneurs and professionals in Mumbai.

Empowering women – enabling them to maximize their potential is what Simmi’s passion and she now wants to take this to other cities as well. Simmi believes that’s where the need for networking is.  She gets lot of calls from various cities to open WWW.

Challenges are non-ending and she feels it’s just a beginning now…

She is very passionate about her thought child – “WWW” and has relentlessly worked each day in making WWW an ever growing and evolving sisterhood.